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About Our Medicare Specialists

At Inspired Insurance Solutions, our Medicare Specialists are dedicated to helping Medicare beneficiaries in all 50 states!

We work with all of the top carriers to ensure our clients have the best supplements available.

Our friendly, licensed Medicare Agents are here for you year-round, from helping you find a plan to ensuring you make the most of your benefits, at no cost to you! We’ll never pressure you to enroll, and promise to always put your needs first.

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    Medicare covers a wide variety of medical services. This includes doctor visits, preventive care, lab tests, emergency services, and medical equipment. It also includes surgeries, treatment for cancer, and hospital stays. Medicare covers care that is medically necessary. Although enrolling in Medicare Part B is optional, you should NOT skip Part B unless you have other coverage. No one wants to be stuck owing 20% of the cost of a surgery or expensive CT scan.
    Medicare Part B has deductibles that you will pay without a supplement. The 2016 hospital deductible alone is $1288. Part B covers only 80% of the cost of your outpatient care. Medicare does not cover long term care, like nursing home stays. It does not cover custodial care either, such as help with bathing, dressing, and eating. It WILL cover short-term skilled nursing facility stays when you are recovering from an injury or illness. Medicare doesn’t cover things considered voluntary, such as cosmetic procedures. Hearing aids, routine dental work and routine foot care aren’t covered either. There is a list of services not covered in your Medicare & You Handbook.
    Only occurs once for most people. It is not annual. Lasts for six months and then it is gone. Once its gone, you must answer health questions to change plans in most states. People on Medicare under age 65 will get a rare second open enrollment for Medicare supplement later when they turn 65.
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